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Discover how our


will optimize your operational planning

Resource planning

The optimal allocation of labour is essential when you carry out a portfolio of projects. Whether your organization is responsible for a large number of small projects or a smaller number of large, strategic projects (or both), managing a global workforce with diverse skills can be a real challenge.


Visual plan board:

The visual planning board contains all the features to quickly see what needs to be planned, when this is possible and who qualifies. The planning board immediately shows scheduled task with their status, the individual work schedules per resource and holidays.

Sync with Outlook:

ionBIZ can be synchronised with Outlook, two-ways. So you'll never miss an appointment. We can also schedule an email alert as changes happen. Or would you prefer a daily e-mail reminder in the morning to show you your agenda for the day?

Group and filter:

Organize your planning board so that you can work quickly. Group your view by functions, department or projects. Use filters based on all possible project variables and save your filter for later use.



To-Plan offers a handy overview of all tasks yet to be planned. It provides you with the estimated hours, planned hours, assigned workers and much more info per task. Select this task and plan the desired resource on this task, simply by dragging a bar over his/here calendar.


Approval flows and planning statuses:

Make use of the statuses: Tentative, in request, approved and reserved. Design approval flows based on the user-rights.


Work in group:

Do you need a group of employees to work on the same task over the same period? You’ll only have to do this once and link to co-workers. Future changes our applied on all linked resources.


Recurring tasks:

Do you have weekly stand-ups or planning meetings in group or other recurring tasks? ionBIZ Helps you to organise this instantly. All recurring tasks visually indicated on the planning board.


Drag and drop / copy and paste:

Scheduled tasks can easily be dragged to a later time or another employee. You adjust the duration of a task by simply extending or shortening it. With the right mouse click you can add extra possibilities such as: copy and paste, approve, reject, delete or assign another employee.


Planning conflicts and availability:

The visual overview shows conflicts at a glance. But we also provide indicators that help you spot all conflicts. In addition, you immediately know what a person's available hours are for the chosen period.



Eleven comprehensive reports help optimize your future planning, manage sales and analyse your past periods.

Filter the reports by resource, department, project or skills for a more specific analysis.

Use ionBIZ for a clear picture of the available capacity (per resource, department or skill), the open planning budget and the workload and other insightful planning subjects.


Call or email us anytime if you’d like to get in touch with us. Is it about an idea for a feature, a question you have, or to brainstorm about an exciting new partnership.



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