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Discover how our


will optimize your customer contacts.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages the interactions of your company with current and potential customers. And by extension with all your stakeholders. The CRM module analyzes data about customers and prospects to win deals, improve business relationships and ultimately stimulate sales growth. 


Manage relations, contacts and addresses: 

Split your relationships into self-chosen categories (customers, suppliers, prospects, stakeholders). Add contacts with all necessary and desirable information. Add unlimited addresses to manage all offices, delivery addresses and invoicing data.


Create and follow up opportunities and leads: 

Spotted an opportunity? Add it and follow up in ionBIZ. Estimate your opportunity value and add decision date. Plan your next-actions on this lead and score it. Use the sales funnel to estimate future sales.


Prepare and deliver quotes: 

ionBIZ comes with a user-friendly quote template module. Build-in templates minimize the setup of a quote. Add fixed price agreements or time and material assignments and material costs. Keep track of you all your proposals for this assignment through our version control. Start from standardized text fields and adjust where necessary. Making an offer has never been easier.

Send your proposal by e-mail without leaving ionBIZ or export to PDF or Excel.


Follow up actions, make appointments and execute via the timeline: 

Timeline gives you an overview of all the actions you need to take to close your deals and keep your customers high. You can also schedule actions and calls for your colleagues and divide the work.


Did you sell the deal? Easily convert the quote won to a project with a single click. All information and documents can be forwarded so that the project manager immediately has all the vital data for a successful delivery of the project.


Keep track of notes and comments: 

Notes, our internal chat functionality keeps everybody informed. Tag your colleague and they’ll automatically receive a notification. Add the customer- or projectname all authorized persons are immediately informed.


Custom fields for targeted actions: 

Need more specific fields. Add them from our settings. You do not need programming knowledge for that. Segment your target group based on your own chosen fields. Use these custom fields in the filters for segmented sales promotions.


Comprehensive reports analyze your opportunities and sales: 

Our build-in reports offer a wide variety of insight. What are the estimated and weighted budgets for the first quarter of next year? What is the average turnaround time of an opportunity? What is the average value of a quotation? Which seller generates the most sales. Who creates the most offers? Who is the best dealmaker?


The CRM of ionBIZ offers you everything to follow up on your relationships correctly. You clearly identify the opportunities and follow them up adequately. With one click you transfer the whole from sales to project management. And with our built-in reports you always keep a finger on the pulse



Call or email us anytime if you’d like to get in touch with us. Is it about an idea for a feature, a question you have, or to brainstorm about an exciting new partnership.



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