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Discover how our


will streamline your projects


Projects follow strict steps of preparation, planning, execution, control and completion to achieve specific goals. The challenge is to achieve all project goals and milestones within the imposed parameters of time and budget. By using our project management module, you are constantly informed of the current status of your projects and underlining tasks.


Managing projects, tasks, subtasks and milestones:

From straightforward consultancy assignments to complex engineering projects, with our project module you can create the project and the underlying tasks in an instant. Define the complete the workbreakdown (WBS), assign milestones, budgets, and turnaround times.


Import tasks from other projects or templates: 

Does the new project look like a project that has already been completed? Then reuse this previously made project. Import those tasks and update them with the correct data. Or use predefined standard templates to create new projects in just a few clicks. You’d prefer to prepare your projects in excel or MS projects? No problem. Our import manager facilitates this.


Determine financial budgets based on fixed prices or time & material: 

Whatever price agreements you have made with your customer, you can manage them all in our project management module. ionBIZ automatically analyses your profit and margin or mark-up. You’ll know upfront how flexible you can be fore changes.


Assign resources to tasks based on their skills and availability:

IonBIZ helps you to deploy the right people in the most appropriate task at the right time. Our search formula uses the assigned skills of the resources, analyses their availability and immediately suggests the right resources for this tasks.


Prepare invoicing:

Use billing schedules to invoice fixed-price orders at the right time. Advance invoices, interim invoices, recurring invoices? You can perfectly prepare this in ionBIZ project management. Your colleague in the financial administration receives the billing proposal at the right time. You’ll be payed faster than before.


Management of project costs:

You can enter travel expenses on-the-go via the ionBIZ app. But does your project include more extensive material costs for assembly or engineering? All material types are managed through the Cost Module. Use this and you’ll allways have the most recent sales prices per article.


Interactive GANTT: 

There are two ways to build a project. Either from the standard project management tab or from the GANTT functionality. Both complement each other and keep each other up-to-date. The GANTT offers you the additional benefit of a clear visual representation of the planning of the tasks and the dependencies between tasks.


From a helicopter view to a detailed analysis: 

The project dashboard is your finger on the pulse of all operational matters. From here you can see the most relevant ratios at a glance. Budgeted amounts versus effective performance. Billable hours versus non-billable. Work in progress.

With these ratios we give an immediate answer to your most pressing questions: Which projects are behind schedule? Which projects provide the desired margins, and which do not? What is the expected profit upon completion of the project?

Spotted unusual results? Click on them and analyse the details of that specific project.


Call or email us anytime if you’d like to get in touch with us. Is it about an idea for a feature, a question you have, or to brainstorm about an exciting new partnership.



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