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Twenne extends its backoffice services

How ionBIZ improves customer satisfaction for Twenne Accountants

Time registration made easy and insightful


Twenne Accountants

Netherlands, Belgium
Sector: Accountancy



Twenne Accountants takes care of its clients' bookkeeping and provides comprehensive back office services in the process.


For our backoffice clients (mainly IT companies), we needed to find a way to make tim registration easier and do more with that information.


The user-friendly interface of ionBIZ ensures smooth registration of hours. The automatic invoice processing and integration with Twinfield makes it complete.


  • User-friendlines.
  • Insightful: love it's turnover prediction based on the resourceplanning.
  • Integration with Twinfield.
  • Built-in approval processes for faster and accurate invoicing.
  • Better overview and direction for Project and Resource Management.


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"ionBIZ is a win-win for us and our customers"

With our ERP software, we have already been able to help a lot of customers integrate all their projects into one system. But how exactly do we help these customers? What problems do we solve for them? And how does the collaboration work? We spoke with our customer Stephan van Raaij from Twenne Accountants about his experience with ionProjects.

Who is Twenne Accountants?

Accountancy firm Twenne in Helmond says it is the financial signpost for SMEs. In 2002 the company started out as a traditional accountancy firm, helping its clients mainly with annual accounts, administration, income tax and corporation tax. Twenne Accountants still does this, but for almost ten years now the company has also been performing back office work for their clients. For example, the employees book the purchase invoices for customers, prepare payments, create and send sales invoices, and take care of accounts receivable management. In this way, the customers of Twenne Accountants are completely unburdened.

The Challenge: Generating more insight out of time registration

So today Twenne Accountants is heavily involved in back office, but the system Twenne Accountants originally used for this fell short in that area. Stephan: "Our back office customers are almost all IT companies, and in that world a lot of hours are written and a lot of invoices are sent. In the beginning, we wrote the hours in our accounting program Twinfield. As an accounting program, that worked well, but for timekeeping it didn't work as well. You can write your hours, but as a project manager, collecting relevant information from them is impossible. That's why we started looking for a solution to simplify this. We wanted the customer to be able to get more information from the time reports, and in addition to that, we wanted the billing system to be automated." This challenge was taken up together with the clients of Twenne Accountants. They, too, expressed a desire to get more information from the time reports.


The solution: ERP software from ionProjects

After identifying the problem, an IT customer of Twenne Accountants started looking in the market for a party that could contribute to the solution, and soon arrived at ionProjects. Another party in Twenne Accountants' network was already working with ionProjects. Stephan and his colleagues visited this company to get to know the ionProjects software. Subsequently, an appointment was made with ionProjects itself.




Stephan: "ionProjects showed us a demo of what their ERP system (ionBIZ) can do. We then presented them with one of our customer cases, which they used to give us another demo. We liked it! We then took the first steps towards being able to work with ionBIZ correctly. First, we coordinated the processes with our clients, in terms of approval flows and settings within ionProjects.  Then we started giving all employees access, so that they could write their hours and we could take care of the invoicing. The reports that can be extracted from ionBIZ are so numerous that we decided not to open them all. This is to keep it simple, if there is a need for it eventually we will open up more reports."

The result: happy customers thanks to great usability

Twenne Accountants' clients are very happy with the new software, especially its user-friendliness. "I often hear from clients who have to write timesheets that they like the current software much better than the one we had before," Stephan says. "The companies where we first introduced ionBIZ, they consist of different business units and you have to deal with business leads. These leads can now see the hours for their own people, but also what their turnover will be, and so on. The people are very satisfied with that. And that wasn't possible with our previous package."

Great cooperation

Stephan is very pleased with the collaboration with ionProjects. "I knew Dimitri from the introduction at our first customer. And during the implementation for our second and largest customer we also had a lot of help from Jan of the support department. So the cooperation goes well! The contact is always one on one, and you have a clear point of contact, so that's nice."

Another great thing about the partnership between Twenne Accountants and ionProjects is that a link could be made between Twinfield and ionBIZ. Stephan: "We said that if we were going to use ionBIZ, we would need a link. We then called in a third party to create this link so that our financial administration also connects with ionBIZ. It was nice that ionProjects was open to this collaboration."

Do you want to know what ionProjects can do for your company in automating business processes? Contact us or request a demo just like Twenne Accountants.



Do you have an idea for a feature or a general question or would you like to brainstorm about an exciting new partnership? Call or email us anytime to get in touch with us.



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