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Acterus Testimonial

How timesheet registration became easy and clear with ionBIZ


Sector: ICT



Acterus is an expert in software implementation, product information management and process streamlining. 



Acterus lost sifht of how theri consultants spent their hours. The conmany looked for a way to register and invoice them easily.



ionBIZ is a flexible ERP software package that Acterus coompletely adapted to their own needs and siwhes. The company first put all its timesheets in order. Vacation registration, project management and ticketing all followed.



  • User-friendly and intuitive.
  • ionProjects thinks with the client and makes sure the software offers what the client needs.
  • The clients knwos that they will immedieately recieve an answer to their question and will be helped with any problems.


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Timesheet registration can be a drag ...

The consultancy company Acterus helps companies to make their IT more efficient. They implement software, manage product information and streamline all processes. Companies can go to their first-line service desk with all their questions and problems. Acterus also works closely with the software company SyncForce. SyncForce develops the “Product Success Platform”. This platform makes it easier to market products through multiple channels. Acterus consultants implement the platform and familiarize companies with it. They keep a close eye on the hours they spend on their customers and projects. That became difficult and unclear in 2014. Until Acterus contacted the Mechelen-based software company ionProjects.


ionBIZ creates order

"Easy said? We sell hours, "says Managing Director Louis Kuijf. "Our consultants keep track of which customers and which projects they work for." Due to the enormous growth of the company, that time registration soon became a problem. “We lost the overview.  We had to find a way to clearly state who was doing what and for how long. And to immediately invoice that as well. ”After a search on the internet, Louis requested a demo at ionProjects. That software company develops the ERP software ionBIZ and adapts it to the needs of the customer. Louis was immediately convinced: "The interface was sleek and simple and I saw expansion options that we would definitely need."

Jump Start

After a day of explanation from ionProjects, Acterus started working on the basic configuration of ionBIZ. Louis: “With our experience that was easy. But the interface is so intuitive that even people without IT knowledge can get away with it quickly. Is it not possible? Then there is always the help desk. You call or email them. Or you can log a ticket in the ionProjects system itself. Then you can see the progress at any time. ”As soon as time registration was up and running, Acterus gradually mad use of more ionBIZ features such as: holiday registration, project management and invoicing. Louis wants to use the software more widely so that all parts of the company work together seamlessly.

Highly recommended

Louis Kuijf is relieved to find the partner Acterus needed in ionProjects. “Thanks to ionBIZ we work faster and more efficiently and we always keep an overview. Are you looking for a stable and flexible ERP software package? Then definitely request your demo. You’ll see with your own eyes what ionBIZ does for you. "



Call or email us anytime if you’d like to get in touch with us. Is it about an idea for a feature, a question you have, or to brainstorm about an exciting new partnership.



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